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Boat Handling 101: Twin I/Os and Twin Outboards

Boat Handling 101: Twin I/Os and Twin Outboards

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Dusty Miller has been at the helm all his life. He has owned 35 boats and performed sea trials on hundreds more. For more than 25 years Dusty has taught boat handling one-on-one to new sailors. In this DVD, the PowerBoat Television crew captures Dusty's unique style.


With a focus on twin Inboard/Outboards that can also be applied to twin outboards, Dusty shows how to:

  • Manage and work with the wind
  • Maintain complete control in adverse conditions
  • Land and depart safely and easily
  • and much more!

The skills Dusty teaches will give you the confidence and ability to untie your dock lines and experience all the fun that boating offers. Every purchase of a Boat Handling 101 DVD comes with a one year subscription to Boats&Places Magazine.


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